A Fraction Stronger

Finding belief and possibility in life's impossible moments

Mark shares his powerful personal journey to recovery following a devastating cycling accident in 2019, shaped in a way to help people facing change and trauma become a fraction stronger.

"Because it is not about how we fall, it is about how we choose to get up. It is not about the inertia and the fear, it is how we choose to move, to tackle our fears and embrace uncertainty."

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A Fraction Stronger - Testimonials

See the praise for Mark's inspirational story.
Sam Walsh AO, Non-Executive Board Chair/Director
Remarkable insights of Mark’s determination in his fight to claw back his life following a devastating bicycle accident. His description of regaining his sense of both his physical and mental identity has learnings for all as we deal with life’s setbacks and tragedies which unfortunately are part of our lives. He reveals his inner soul as he battles his demons and unfathomable challenges in taking a step at a time in regaining his life. He uses insightful vignettes of his life and the inspiration of others to drive himself positively forward in a journey of self-discovery and momentum.
Anne Savage, CEO Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia
Don't just buy one copy of this book, buy a copy for your partner, your family members, your workmates, and anyone who has ever given you a leg-up in life. A Fraction Stronger reminds you that hope is a choice. It will help you find the freedom you need to live without fear, to love with courage, and to triumph in the face of adversity. Above all, it will inspire you to always choose the life you have, and to live it with passion.
Brad Shaw, CEO InterFinancial Corporate Finance Limited
This book is inspirational - no doubt about it, but before it gets there it is a brutally honest exploration of the self-doubt, guilt, pain, setbacks and emotional roller coaster that impacts everyone at some point or another, especially those impacted by serious injury. A Fraction Stronger is a beautifully written story about the Mark's journey back from a horrific accident and the power of determination, resilience, perseverance, courage and the help and support we all need when the chips are down. I defy anyone to read this book and not be a better person for the experience.
Sharon Warburton, Non-Executive Director – Wesfarmers Limited, WA Telstra Business Woman of the Year & cancer mum
A book I will read again and again. In sharing his personal learnings and the stories of others, Mark provides a raw, real and practical guide to help you achieve what your mind first sees as impossible. I wish I’d had this book by my side when smashing glass ceilings in male dominated industries and when I was told my young daughter had leukaemia, because it is full of powerful, personal reflections to get your mind focusing forward, a fraction at a time.
Phillip Strachan, Non-Executive Board Chair/Director
Many of us have had to overcome some major challenges in our lives. When you read about Mark’s challenges arising from a simple biking accident it is likely that your own experiences will pale into insignificance. Mark writes his story to be less about his fall but more about how he chose to get up. He offers lots of practical tips, both mental and physical, about his recovery. I particularly commend his story to anyone that is seeking pathways to recover from a major fall in life.
Ann-Maree David, Executive Director (Qld), The College of Law
Life has a habit of throwing up challenges when we are least prepared for them. Be they physical, deeply emotional, or even fiscal, it is how we respond and grow through these challenges that really matters. Sadly, it is the “how” that so often remains elusive. In A Fraction Stronger Mark shares his own story of challenge and commitment to ongoing recovery. Demonstrating extraordinary resilience, he delivers up the “how” through practical wisdom and guidance that could see all of us through testing times.
John Malitoris, President, Malitoris Associates
A Fraction Stronger is an emotional, engaging and valuable read. Mark is so vulnerable and open about his experience you can’t help being there with him, sharing in his challenges and successes. Full of powerful yet practical ideas for any individual to face the ‘impossible moments’ in their own life, this story of Mark’s remarkable journey left me feeling ‘a fraction stronger’.
Miranda O’Hara, M. Musculoskeletal & Sports Phty, MPhty, BEd (HMHE), Founder and Owner - Restore Function Physiotherapy
Mark has never looked for a short cut, a fad or opted for the easy path. His willingness to consistently chase those 1% improvements are what makes him a champion. Through his grit and determination, he has redefined what is possible.
Mark Spatz, Partner, Negotiation Partners
A Fraction Stronger is an exceptional and poignant personal journey of courage told with poetic humility. Mark gives voice to the importance of not only recognising one’s vulnerabilities but re-discovering the capacity to visualise what’s possible, of finding light and hope despite the seductive and corrosive demons of self-doubt. Readers have been provided a gift that will encourage them to open courageous conversations when confronted with the unexpected challenges that demand that they find a way to become A Fraction Stronger.

Dr Ruth Knight, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, The Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, QUT
This book is a treasure trove of gold nuggets that will either challenge, comfort or inspire you! Mark tells his story so that you never have to feel alone which is why you'll want to read it again and again.
Andrew Wildblood, Chief Executive, Enterprise & Government, Vocus
This is a courageous story of how life can change in a split second, how new perspectives on success are formed, and the mental power and strength to start the daunting road back. When sport and a healthy life always shaped and defined you, and these are taken away in a moment, a new life and a long road to recovery begins. There is much inspiration and many life lessons in this powerful, emotional and impactful book. Well done Mark on being brave and having the determination to come back, and to share your story.
Helen Galloway, Non-executive Director: Bank of us, Hydro Tas,
TT-Line, Tasracing
An open and honest, motivating story that will increase your empathy and understanding of recovery after trauma, plus motivational tips to lead your best life. Mark’s storytelling allows you to gain life skills on how to support someone emotionally through recovery. This book weaves the long road of Mark’s recovery with inspirational courage and anecdotes from other people’s experiences. It is confronting at times, but ultimately uplifting as Mark challenges you, the reader, to explore hope, possibility and surrounding yourself with people that support open minded thinking. “Never Die Wondering”
Angus Emmerson, APAC Legal Counsel at Financial Times
Mark Berridge was my hockey captain in Hong Kong. Aside from concentrating on their own game captains monitor, lead and support the team. Mark excels in this role, with his consistent positive attitude to sport and life generally. When your leader is constantly positive, encouraging, and happy it becomes infectious. Mark guided us through significant challenges achieving results way beyond expectations. That same positive attitude guided Mark through his recovery and is the foundation for his book.
Amélie Hennion, Managing Director ALVANCE Aluminium
Mark’s book offers valuable keys to overcome issues, set goals, and project oneself from a very difficult situation. It is applicable to many situations even without going through a traumatic injury or life-changing experience. Drawing from different stages of life, from his own situation and other inspirational stories, from personal or professional life experiences, the book made me relate to situations we face every day and how to overcome them. But beyond all else, it is a powerful reminder on how to support others through difficult events.
Paul Isaac, IT Manager at Mullins Lawyers
A Fraction Stronger is much more than just a practical strategic blueprint for incremental recovery from traumatic physical catastrophe. It offers insightful and inspirational ideas for overcoming many difficulties in our daily lives. I have already incorporated some of Mark’s thoughtful recommendations into my daily activities. Mark Berridge has revealed the inner workings of his soul to the reader and in that process has shared his wisdom with the world. Recommended!